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Patty Markos

NBR Extensions Certified| Microlines Certified| Dimensional Color Specialist| Yonka Skincare Specialist
Loves: Jesus|Reading|Listening| Travel

Hi, I am Patty! I have been doing hair on whoever would let me since I was 5 years old. ...I am a kid at heart who suppresses my goofy side all the time. I am 6’1.” But, you don't notice it as much while you are in the chair pumped up real high! lol

I am a Bikram yogi, ex-marathon addict, former Mrs. Maryland America, Greek by marriage, who loves cooking as long as someone helps with the dishes. I love Tex-Mex (I think it's the new American food) and greek, of course.  My current addictions are adding hot sauce to almost everything (except greek) and switching between Parks and Rec and The Office before bed at night. I dream of becoming a surfer one day.


My two favorite things about work are listening to people and doing Natural Beaded Row (NBR) extensions. I love how this profession can heal a person from the outside-in.

Before I became a cosmetologist, I was studying psychology in college. I like to try to get to the bottom of [something] at each appointment. By listening, I learn so much.  It is so rewarding and great to let others know they are being heard.  I learned that from my mom. <3



NBR, takes all that I love about hair and combines them into one. I use all my strengths: coloring, cutting, and attention to detail, all the emotional before and afters, wrapped up in one through this extension technique. It is so transforming! I love how miraculous it is. I believe in miracles and look for them every day and I pray my work shows it. 


My goal is to help you to feel beyond confident and comfortable in your skin.  I want you to know your inner, individual strengths and discover that goddess you resonate with.  I love when you feel empowered, refreshed,renewed and more beautiful than ever before! 


Leisha Brochart

Cutter| Colorist

Highlights| Short cuts |Long Cuts| Fashion Colors
Loves: California| Her 3 Kids| The Beach|


Patty and Leisha worked together at the salon in Bethesda and they have remained friends for years.  As they were trained to do things very similarly, it seemed like a great fit when Patty decided to pass along her haircuts.  Welcome Leisha (Lee-sha) to The Patio!


Leisha brings a ton of knowledge with short and long haircuts.  She also loves to do highlights and fun color.  She is a well established stylist of over 20 years who is from Maryland but used to live in California.  Back in the day she actually cut Harrison Ford's hair!  During her free time she goes to the beach, loves live concerts and travels when she can.  She absolutely has a passion for hair and adores her three children.  Her two boys played college football at Frostburg and her oldest daughter is in communications for a scientific nonprofit organization. But her baby is her dog, Tyson.

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