Andrew is gone

Boot camp. Andrew is going through one of the toughest times of his life right now and there is nothing I can do to help him but, pray. I think of him always. I swear I heard him yelling at his computer today.

I went to his room and folded some of his clothes today. I was about to put them away when I found a letter to his sister. It was the sweetest thing. He said he was sorry for barging into her room and not giving her her the space he knew she wanted and told her he loved her. He said he knows he could have been a better brother and if she ever needs to talk about anything, he will always be there to listen. I wonder if he ever gave her the finished version of that letter. I broke down in tears. Could I miss him any more?

Blame it on Covid but, I am not only missing Andrew deeply, I am also feeling grateful for other things just as strongly. Another interesting fact, I am feeling a bit daring in the way of change. Change always shakes things up. And because things are already pretty shook, why not? Now is the time if ever it were. Plus, I think it is safe to say we NEED change. It is time to roll with the punches. So, in order to do that, what am I thinking in terms of change?

There are many things I would love to change but, it is probably the most tangible to change things in my business. I had a thought. What if I could simplify my pricing method? To be perfectly honest, I can be confused by how its done so, now is the time to fix it. What if I were to charge per hour, plus product cost? This helps with all the color I do. I will have more freedom to be more creative. Just give me your time and let me work my magic. I hate worrying about this and that service which equals that. UGH! I am an artist. Don't make me do math! haha! (I do love my chemistry too, though.) Ok, so that is one thought. I may or may not do it. I despise inconveniencing you so, I need to think about it.