New Free Hair Styling Lessons for You

People sometimes say they can't quite get their hair to look like it looks when they leave the salon. I would like to help you. Thankfully, with my new block scheduling, I will have time to help. You have the option to bring your tools to your appointment or just have me show you what I can with what I have here. We will do a hands on lesson and go over all the things. And, if we do it every time, you are bound to get better and better.

This is what I love about my block customization, it allows time for it all. Well, all except the number 5, Spruce me up. That is a magic one. You can do whatever you want with that one. Essentially, it is either a cut or a color by itself. You will add more time to equal a basic cut and color. Because it is very basic, I might not have time for the Styling Lesson on that one. It is good to know you have a lot of options. Also, you must add even more time and then if you have thick, long hair. That would be the Styling Time add-on (not styling lesson) so we have time for the blowdry. These add-ons are under indulgences. You might be able to add even more time if you want the styling lesson on that number 5 (Spruce me up).

Okay, hopefully that wasn't confusing. Please email or text me anytime for help in booking! I am here for you always! And let me know if you have any questions about the new Styling Lessons.

And don't forget to check out the new App. I might have to tweak it more but, its good for now! The link is on the homepage of my website.