The Patio Salon is Going Green

At the Patio Salon, our goal is to help all of our clients look and feel beautiful. We’re also all about celebrating and protecting our beautiful world and community. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve joined the growing and amazing Green Circle Salons movement. With help from our partners at Green Circle, your hair clippings can help clean up oil spills, and hair products won’t go into streams and rivers. We’re proving every day that we can do green and gorgeous at the same time.

What Is A Green Circle Salon?

The beauty industry is so important to helping women and men look and feel their best and move in the world with confidence. But we’re not going to lie: most salons generate too much waste. Did you know the beauty industry creates nearly 900 pounds of waste every minute? This includes packaging, product and (yes) hair. But thanks to this world-changing initiative, we’ve learned that we can repurpose or recycle 95 percent of our waste.  Green Circle Salons is an international program that makes it easy and affordable for local salons to reduce their eco-footprint. They help us recover, recycle and repurpose almost all of our salon waste. Since 2009, GCS has recycled or repurposed 2.1 million pounds of waste, and their goal is to make the North American salon industry fully sustainable by next year.

How Does The Green Circle Salons Program Help Our Environment?

Green Circle helps salons like ours recycle and repurpose everything from metal and plastic to unused hair products to hair clippings. As a business, it has made us more mindful of how we use and dispose of waste. We now have bins for metal, plastic, paper, hair clippings and chemicals. Our Green Circle partners come out and pick everything up for recycling and reuse. It’s

convenient, and we know we’re making a big difference. Here are some of the main ways Green Circle works to help the environment:

  • Hair clippings: Green Circle turns hair clippings into hair booms to help clean up oil spills. A hair boom is a cylinder-shaped pad filled with absorbent material that’s used to soak up oil after a spill. Tests have shown that hair booms are one of the best methods for removing oil and are more effective and more environmentally friendly than conventional synthetic booms. Hair is biosorbent, which means it’s a natural substance that absorbs oil while repelling water. Our program lets us keep hair clippings out of landfills while doing something positive for the planet.

  • Plastic and metal: We recycle plastic containers, metal color tubes and hair foil for reuse in everything from cars to playground equipment.

  • Hair products and chemicals: At The Patio Salon, we’re committed to using the highest quality products on your hair. But every salon generates some waste that just shouldn’t go into waterways. Green Circle helps us redirect unused hair products and chemicals, keeping them out of our local waterways and the ocean. Instead of pouring them down the drain, we now collect them in a special container. We’ve found that we were able to save several pounds of product waste each week. Green Circle collects the waste and disposes of unused products safely, using special enzymes to break them down.

Why We’re Going Green at The Patio Salon

We are grateful to live and work in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. We know that every individual and business plays a role in keeping our environment healthy. We’re committed to doing our part in not only making our clientele more beautiful but also protecting our environment by partnering with programs that share the same values.

Green Circle Salons started in Canada and is catching on in the U.S. When we heard about this innovative effort, we were immediately in. We’re proud to be on the cutting edge of the movement in our region. It’s easy, streamlined and helps us do our part with just a little more mindfulness and care. And we love to talk about it, so feel free to chat with us about how the little steps we take every day can make a big difference.

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