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All kinds of good stuff going on over here! + January was super busy! I am just now settling into all the changes of 2022. I am still looking for an assistant. I am going to teach a couple workshops at a Paul Mitchell school in hopes to scout one out. + Everyone has been loving Leisha here at the Patio and I have been able to see you guys most of the time! I love it!!

Leisha offers Haircuts *with or without* color

Fridays and Saturdays

Haircut 80-100

Base color 100

Highlights 135-185 (More info on her found on my About page on my website) + I have been getting more and more treats on the menu for you, including champagne with Chambord and a raspberry, charcuterie boards, smoothies, and a stocked bar. Don't be shy! + During these dark months we have been offering a vitamin D lamp and heated chair to warm us up. We are almost through the winter, aren't we? + My next project which I am super excited about is to create a big wall of books. I want to encourage a book exchange for you all to be able to swap each time you come. Bring one and take one! But, at first, I will need to stock the library so, if you want to bring four that will be great! + I have been giving away tons of stuff on my social media pages. If you don't follow me, you should. I have given away items from, Jumbo size Virtue shampoo and conditioners, travel sizes, Yonka products, Mirabella Makeup, and more to come. This week I am going to be talkng to Bodytech Weight loss. I always am able to loose my extra winter weight with them. I am also going to be giving away a $130 Bio Ionic long barrel curling iron! + If you ever have any questions about what to book or anything, please don't hesitate to email me. Some thought I was not doing haircuts at all, which is not the case. You can still get one with a mini highlight or toner. I encourage you to go to my waitlist if you can't find an appointment. Even if you want to just put your name in for one or two days and add in the notes the days and times you are available, that works too. Anyway, I am super excited for 2022! I am loving the vibe over here. I feels so good everyday when we are being made beautiful and chillin to the max! I want it to feel like a mini vacation. It is not a bad place to work, for sure. Love you guys. Patty

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