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Patty Markos

Hi, I am Patty! I have been doing hair on whoever would let me since I was 5 years old. ...I am a kid at heart who suppresses my goofy side all the time. I am 6’1.” But, you don't notice it as much while you are in the chair pumped up real high! lol

I am a Bikram yogi, ex-marathon addict, former Mrs. Maryland America, Greek by marriage, who loves cooking as long as someone helps with the dishes. I love Tex-Mex (I think it's the new American food) and Greek, of course.  My current addictions are adding hot sauce to almost everything (except Greek).  I love to read when I find a good historical novel, but truth be told, I end up passing out scrolling my phone instead these days.  I dream of becoming a surfer one day.

My two favorite things about work are listening to people and doing Natural Beaded Row (NBR) extensions. I love how this profession can heal a person from the outside-in.

Before I became a cosmetologist, I was studying psychology in college. I like to try to get to the bottom of [something] at each appointment. By listening, I learn so much.  It is so rewarding and great to let others know they are being heard.  I learned that from my mom. <3

My goal is to help you to feel beyond confident and comfortable in your skin.  I want you to know your inner, individual strengths and discover that goddess you resonate with.  I love when you feel empowered, refreshed, renewed and more beautiful than ever before! 


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