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Patty Markos

Hello, I'm Patty! I've been styling hair for anyone willing since I was 5 years old. In the year 2000, I opened Patio Salon to stay close to my children and discovered that clients appreciate the intimacy of a home setting. Over time, it expanded as I aimed to create a more comfortable experience for my clients. Being near my kids all those years was truly wonderful.

Despite being 6’1”, I'm just a kid at heart who often hides my goofy side. However, when you're in my chair, raised up high, you might not notice my height as much! 😄

I'm a Bikram yogi, recovering marathon enthusiast, former Mrs. Maryland America, and Greek by marriage. I enjoy cooking, especially Tex-Mex (which I believe is the new American cuisine) and, naturally, Greek food. Lately, I've been addicted to adding hot sauce to nearly everything, except Greek dishes.

While I love delving into a good historical novel, I must confess that these days, I often find myself dozing off while scrolling through my phone. Nonetheless, I dream of one day mastering the art of surfing.

Two aspects of my job that I adore are listening to people and performing Natural Beaded Row (NBR) extensions. I'm passionate about how this profession can uplift individuals from the outside-in.

Before becoming a cosmetologist, I studied psychology in college. I enjoy delving deeper into each appointment, listening intently, and learning from my clients. It's incredibly rewarding to ensure others feel heard—a lesson I inherited from my mom. ❤️


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