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New Hair Pricing

We love package pricing for our new installs because we need to be able to do what your hair, and your extensions need for a completely seamless and flawless look.  We cut, color and give you take home hair supplies too.   All new installs also include a meal delivered during your appointment.  


Rarely, we may need to add on to the packages if big color transformations are needed.   

Consultation determines pricing

Ask about our Extra Long 24"!   Starting at 2400


Move-ups/Tightenings are done every 6-8 weeks

One Row Full Refresh: 490

Two Row Rull Refresh: 695

Three Row Full Refresh: 765

add a mini for 65

We take care of your color and the extension's color. If they need coloring, or blending, we keep them looking fresh. We will hydrate them and your hair with steam deep conditioners.  We will also make sure you are comfortable with our array of snack and beverage offerings.

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