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Leisha, Master cutter

Patty Markos

Mother of a grown son and daughter, Patty is a kid at heart.  A goal setter, former Mrs Maryland America, dreams of being a surfer one day. Patty specializes in NBR extensions and low maintenance, natural looking color.  

Leisha Brochart

Leisha  loves to do highlights and fashion colors.  She is a well established stylist of over 20 years who is from Maryland but used to live in California. She even cut Harrison Ford's hair when she was in Cali!  During her free time she goes to the beach, loves live concerts and travels when she can.  She absolutely has a passion for hair and adores her three children.  Her two boys played college football at Frostburg and her oldest daughter is in communications for a scientific nonprofit organization. But her baby is her dog, Tyson.

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Noah Sussman

Noah, also known as Nomad, began his life journey in North Carolina before moving to the DMV area during third-grade. From a young age, Noah has had a passion for hairstyling, and a calling he recognized even as a young kid. Envisioning a future as a hairdresser, Noah finds joy in the artistry of hair transformations and the confidence it imparts to individuals. The moniker "Nomad" aptly captures his love for travel, a central theme in his life. Beyond hairstyling, Noah's interests extend to fashion and clothing, elements that contribute to his unique identity. His overarching goal is to cultivate a safe and inclusive space through his hairstyling endeavors, ensuring that everyone feels not only welcome but celebrated.


Cynthia Bolanos

Patio Salon Intern

Cynthia is a compassionate and humorous individual who thrives on exploring new activities, foods, and places.

Rewatching Friends is her go-to comfort, and she enjoys a mix of comedy, romance, and action movies. Coffee is her ultimate love—undoubtedly the best thing in the world!

Making her sister smile or laughing with family tops her joy list. Podcasts captivate her, and she is the girl who dances and sings along to music fearlessly. Taking risks and embracing faith define the core of who she is


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